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What had started in 1992, simply as a means to handle the tomato peels and cabbage trimmings coming out of the Hirzel Canning facilities, has grown into a large part of our operation. The site located at 2422 ST. RT. 105 in Pemberville, OH is a very well equipped, fully licensed, Ohio EPA Class II operation. Utilizing the latest technology and equipment, composting has become as much of a science, as it is an art. With both an onsite laboratory and an ARS/OARDC weather station on site, the progression of each batch is closely monitored.

We provide residences, businesses, and municipalities in Wood and surrounding counties with a viable alternative to the disposal of food waste, manures, and yard waste. In 2013 our facility had diverted over 75 million pounds of compostable waste from our area landfills. These sources included:

  • Curbside compostable waste = 160,000 lbs
  • Animal waste such as horse and dairy cow bedding = 950,000 lbs
  • Municipal yard waste such as brush and leaves = 17 million lbs
  • Commercial food waste = 57 million lbs

The results of this effort produced almost 12 million pounds of high quality compost. This compost is used primarily as a soil amendment for our organic farm ground. A small percentage is sold to local nurseries, landscapers, and farm markets. The practice of incorporating compost into the soil is not only good for the environment, but by using natural compost amendments in our soils we may also be able reduce the overall use of synthetic fertilizers. These synthetic fertilizers can be derived from fossil fuels and therefore have a very negative impact on the environment.

We are proud of our continual efforts towards environmental stewardship. We would take pride in continuing to play a large role in the reduction of compostable waste entering our landfills.

To learn more about our composting facility, or where you can purchase our compost locally, please contact Bridget Burgess at [email protected]