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Hirzel Canning Company & Farms was founded in 1923 by Carl R. Hirzel. Due to a change in labor classification in 1963, Hirzel Farms was incorporated into a separate entity. Over the past 50 years, Hirzel Farms has diversified into an operation that is comprised of five unique, yet harmonious, areas of focus. Organic and Non-GMO Crop Production Conventional Production of Processing of Tomatoes and Cabbage Organic and Non-GMO Grain Conditioning, Sorting, and Packaging Organic Composting Research & Development and Community Outreach. Emphasizing sustainable and organic agricultural systems and practices.
Hirzel Farms
Hirzel Farms1 month ago
Great opportunity to learn about soil health.
Hirzel Farms
Hirzel Farms2 months ago
Thank you Frobose Market IGA for supporting local. Pemberville, OH for those of you who are looking for your favorite Dei Fratelli tomato products and Silverfleece sauerkraut. Frobose also has a great selection of their own meats at very reasonable prices. #supportlocal #pemberville #shoplocal #ohioproud
Hirzel Farms
Hirzel Farms4 months ago
Y’all, this was our best diversion week to date.

🍎We gifted 60 pounds of fruits and veggies from Food for Thought, one of our compost pickup subscribers, to our new friends at the Furever Sunny Animal Sanctuary in Pemberville.

🍯 We also received 55 pounds of honey from our friends at The Eco-Fill Shop by Joci and Friends and passed it along to our new friends with From Goat to Soap at Flegal Family Homestead in Genoa to help them make sustainable soaps.

🌱 And last, but certainly not least, we brought 519 pounds of Bad Apple Compost subscriber scraps to the compost facility at Hirzel Farms in Pemberville where they’ll convert all those organics into beautiful compost.

All together that’s 633 pounds of organics we kept out of the landfill just this week! That’s also 65 less pounds of methane pollution. And to top it all off, we used over 100 pounds of these materials to provide food and care for our community. 🥰

Pretty cool, right?

If you live in NW Ohio, you can make an impact by donating food and volunteering your time to pantries like Food for Thought.

You can also donate your pumpkins, apples, and other excess produce to Furever Sunny Animal Sanctuary. (If you come to our Pumpkin Smash on Nov 4 at Walbridge Park we will haul your pumpkins to the farm for you!)

And as you’re gearing up for the holiday season, remember to shop small. We’ve got incredible locally-owned shops throughout the regions who could use your money more than Amazon and provide better quality products too.

Finally, consider signing up for Bad Apple curbside or you-haul composting services so we can give your scraps a second life. Services start at $15/month. You can find those details on our website: www.badapplecompost.com

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Hirzel Farms
Hirzel Farms4 months ago
🛑 🚨#NationalFarmersDay #ThankAFarmer

Harvest is in full swing 🚜 PLEASE 🙏🏼 be careful and patient when you are sharing the roads with farming equipment. Praying for a safe season 🍂 🌽