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Organic and Non-GMO: Food Grade Cleaning, Sorting, and Packaging

All non-seed separation is performed to food grade quality. This means all clean out logs, lot code assignments, and process control points are closely monitored to ensure that your product retains integrity and will be free from outside contaminants. These stringent guidelines are in place to ensure that your specifications are met each and every time.

In December of 2010, Hirzel Farms invested into a color sorter to meet the demands of our customer’s. This equipment allows us to sort defects with much greater accuracy, and lessen the amount of good product that ends up in the waste. With the additional Near InfraRed optical sort, we are also able to remove stones, glass, metal, wood, and plastic. Which can come from fields, equipment, trucks, or storage facilities.

We have experience in, though not limited to, the following food grade crops:

  • Spelt: de-dulling, fanning mill separation, and color sorting.
  • Soybeans: fanning mill separation, and color sorting.
  • Wheat: fanning mill separation, and color sorting.
  • Sunflower: rotary screen separation, multi-deck cleaner, and color sorting.
  • Yellow, white, and blue corn: rotary screen separation, screener, and color sorting.


We quote each order, based on the samples we receive from the grower. A minimum of 500 Bushel order is preferred. However, we can quote a set-up fee to cover running smaller quantities.
We can package your product into almost any bag size, up to bulk truckload quantities. Finished products can be put on to pallets, shrink wrapped, stored, and shipped from our location. We are equipped with truck docks and bulk loading capabilities.

If you would like to request a quote from us for cleaning your grain (food grade or seed), please contact Lou Kozma, Jr. at [email protected].