Click here for our organic tea bag instructions.

Hirzel Farms is introducing a brand new product, the organic compost tea bag. These tea bags function just like an actual tea bag: you put the tea bag in your watering can and let it sit. The nutrients from the compost inside of the mesh filter bag will seep into the water, filling the water with all of the nutrients that come directly from the compost. These tea bags are a very lightweight and efficient way to make sure your plants are getting all of the nutrients they deserve without the bulky mess of compost.

How to use the the tea bag:

  1. Fill your watering can with water.
  2. Tie the string of the tea bag around the handle of the watering can just like an actual tea bag (as seen in the video) and leave the tea bag submerged in the water for one week. One tea bag yields 4 gallons of water.
  3. Squeeze the tea bag to release all of the nutrients.
  4. Water your plants! Watering is recommended every 2 weeks.
  5. Store the compost water in a cool place with the tea bag submerged. Make sure to cover the container that you are storing it in! The water does last a while, however, be sure to smell it when you reopen it to make sure it still smells fresh.
  6. When you are finished with the tea bag, the bag itself is compostable! Simply place the bag in the soil of the plant you were watering or in your garden!


Plant with only regular water                         Plant alternating compost water and regular              Plant with only compost water

Compost tea bags are now available at:

Hecklinger Greenhouse

4114 Seaman Street

Oregon, Ohio 43616

Cherry’s Greenhouse

5393 US-224

Gilboa, Ohio 45875

Renewed Outdoors

11330 Avenue Rd

Perrysburg, Ohio 4355

Bench’s Greenhouse

18063 OH-105

Elmore, Ohio 43416